There are many ways to deal with common foundation issues experienced by building owners. When it comes to concrete slab foundations, a problem faced by numerous customers is foundation sinking or settling. This is a natural problem that arises as a result of shifting soil, soil compression, erosion, and other processes that are inherent given that the ground beneath your home or business is rarely completely solid

Mudjacking is the main way of dealing with this problem and restoring a building to a more optimal position. The mudjacking service provided by Grapevine Foundation Repair can be viewed as both a remediation measure and a preventative measure. Not only do you restore your house or deck to the proper level, but when the issue is addressed well enough in advance, you can avoid a cracked slab or cracked concrete.

Settling Problems

The most obvious sign that your home or business has a settling problem – aside from the resulting foundation problems – is the loss of evenness. You may notice your floor is ever so slightly slanted, and cracks may begin to appear on walkways, concrete steps, or even your walls and ceiling. While these signs may not be definitive, it is often wise to have a foundation professional come inspect your home or business for signs of a serious issue.

Preventative Measures

Mudjacking is the best way to raise or level out a building with a slab foundation. A mixture is pumped into the ground beneath the concrete slab in order to fill gaps and provide a hard, solid base beneath your foundation. House raising or house leveling in turn protects your foundation from structural damage due to uneven sinking and the resulting changes to weight distribution.

Effective Solution for Settlement Repair

We are fast and professional, taking a passionate and caring approach to all work that we do. We make sure that your house or commercial property is properly raised and/or leveled out in order to save your foundation from damage and other problems. This is a job that requires an extensive amount of attention to detail and hard work, but our foundation specialists are willing to go above and beyond to ensure our customers receive the assistance they need.

Residential and Commercial Foundation Company

Grapevine Foundation Repair provides residential and commercial foundation repairs for Grapevine, TX area customers. We are the leading foundation contractor in the area for slab foundation repairs and pier and beam foundation repairs. Additionally, we offer a wide range of foundation repair services that also address any concerns or foundation problems customers experience, including structural damage repair, block and base problems, foundation floor cracks, foundation settlement, and more. For friendly and affordable services that are second to none in terms of quality and workmanship, call us today at (817) 533-8281 and we will be happy to provide you with a free foundation inspection estimate.