Drainage Correction

The best solution is always a preventative one. That is one point that we always emphasize to customers. We have seen numerous foundation problems that could have been mitigated or minimized with more timely attention or a few small proactive actions that would have been far less costly than the resultant damage. Unfortunately, hindsight is 20/20. Nevertheless, we do our best to put the information out there and encourage Grapevine, Texas residents and business to seek out professional foundation maintenance and repair services from trusted foundation specialists at the earliest sign of an issue.

Protection Against Water Damage

Drainage correction is as good as waterproofing the foundation of your home or business. Proper foundation sloping as well as an effective downspout will prevent water from pooling around the base of your home. Ideally, water should run off away from the structure where it can either be absorbed by the soil, enter a storm drain, or other appropriate site. Typically, buildings are constructed with drainage in mind, given its importance in preventing water damage, leaks, and flooding. However, processes such as settlement can mean your water drainage is no longer optimal.

Proper Foundation Sloping

The ground should slope away from your home so that water does not accumulate around the foundation after some rain or snow melt. When there is a drainage problem, it may be an indication that your foundation sloping is no longer at a proper angle. This can be resolved by either raising the building or changing the slope of the soil around the home. Our foundation specialists will take a close look at your foundation to determine the necessary actions needed in order to correct water drainage.

Downspout Problems

Another potential source of suboptimal drainage is downspout problems. Water needs to have a water to drain away from any structure, be it a house or commercial building. The downspout serves this purpose by providing a channel for water to travel away from the base of your home where it can safely be absorbed or carried away in city drains. While this is not necessarily a part of your foundation itself, it has an extremely important role to play in protecting your foundation from water damage and protecting any basement areas from leaks and flooding.

Grapevine Residential and Commercial Foundation Specialists

When it comes to foundations, Grapevine Foundation Repair is the foremost leading expert in maintenance and repairs. Our knowledge extends from commercial to residential foundation services, and includes a wide variety of specific services such as drainage correction, mudjacking, crawl space repair, house leveling, house raising, and more. If you’ve got a problem related to the foundation of your home or business, we’ve got the solution. Our foundation experts embody professionalism, skill, and hard work. We’ll get the job done to your satisfaction.